ReBuild Fund FAQ

19 August 2020


Is this fund aimed at me?

A strong application will potentially come from a manager with a good track record of managing successful artists at an appropriate level to their genre or career stage, whilst sustaining themselves as a professional manager. It will explain why Government support has been limited, be clear of what income has been lost due to COVID-19 and display a clear work plan for the next few months.

What Can I spend the grant on?

This funding is intended for you and your management business costs. It is not intended to directly contribute to artistic expenditure. The Help Musicians UK Funding Wizard is a great tool for funding for artists.

I have recently left a management company. Can I apply?

You are eligible to apply for this fund if you have recently left a management company although you will need to demonstrate the need for funding and your future work.

Does it matter that I have only just joined the MMF?

No not at all as long as you have been a member since on or before 31st March 2021 you are eligible to apply and can evidence a track record as a music manager.

I work in partnership / for a small company. How should I apply?

Both limited companies and individuals can apply. Only one application per individual name or per company name can apply. However individuals who are co-directors of a company can apply. It is unlikely two individuals from one company will be successful if managing the same clients so we advise you to apply clearly if you share a roster and do not duplicate figures across multiple applications.

Can you please explain Question 1 in “Your Finances” further: “Please tell us your total budgeted lost total music management income for the period due to COVID-19 March – September 2020 in £  from artists or music makers.”

We want to know the total loss of your income you had budgeted for the period of March 2020 – March 2021. In most cases we expect you to be telling us about work cancelled or postponed which would have been diarised. We are not looking for high figures or speculative estimates of “potential” income or missed opportunities. We are looking for realistic estimates of likely incomes lost due to COVID-19 from work that was either confirmed or highly likely to happen.

Regarding Question 2 in “Your Finances” does it make a difference if I have received Government support already?

This fund was established to address the gaps highlighted by our members who have received little to no Government support. We are aware every business and scenario is slightly different and Government support has been limited in addressing the full-needs. Please be honest about your own personal experience.  

Will my application be made public if successful?

The commercial sensitivities around this programme and all awards will be kept confidential by parties involved in the decision-making process, MMF Staff, Board and Custodians, PPL and private donors to the fund who may themselves wish to remain private. If you receive and accept a grant however you will be required to participate in any workshops, 1:2:1 sessions.  If successful you will be asked if you wish to make statements in support of the programme or provide a case study to help us demonstrate the importance of the programme and help raise money for future rounds of grant-giving.

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