MMF/MPA Publishing Programme: Dates for 2016

03 January 2016

The dates for the MMF/MPA Music Publishing Professional Development Programme 2016 are as follows:





Module 1: Monday 18th January 2016

The Journey of a Song/Composition: Music Publishing, Rights Management & Licensing Today

  • Music publishing value chains & revenue streams today: practical analysis from music creation to music use and vice versa
  • Licensing & administration process and procedure: registrations, notifications, licensing models, royalty tracking & distribution; technology & documentation; revenue & data flow; transparency & efficiency
  • The evolving role of the music publisher: licensing options; multiple revenue streams; promotion & creative development services; key issues & implications for UK music publishers
  • Music publisher business models: print, classical, pop, production music, independent & major / international publisher comparisons & differentials; roles & relationships; costs & resources; business challenges & opportunities
  • CMOs / Collecting Societies: UK – PRS for Music / PRS & MCPS, IMPEL, CCLI & PMLL – & abroad: membership, rights, reciprocal agreements & international partnerships; standards & identifiers; reporting & matching; royalty collection & distribution
  • Co-writes & collaborations: rights ownership & income participation (the “roles & rewards” issue: creators, publishers, featured artists, A/V production companies & studio producers)
  • Intellectual Property Rights, infringements & exceptions: update


Module 2: Monday 8th February 2016

Writer / Composer & Publisher Relationships, Contracts & Agreements

  • Process, procedure, services & relationships: from first negotiation to termination / development to international success
  • Investment & return; budgeting & cash flow; rights acquisition & signing decisions; advances & recordings
  • Classical, popular & production music publishing agreements: differentials & comparisons
  • Types of agreement: ESA, SSA/SPA, SA, option, administration & “admin plus” agreements;
  • Key terms & conditions: issues, implications and negotiation positions in 2016


Module 3: Monday 7th March 2016

Sub-Publishing, Co-Publishing, Publisher Relationships & Contracts; International; Royalty Tracking & Auditing

  • Sub-publishing UK & overseas repertoire: rights & relationships; BIEM societies & “anglo-american” repertoire; sub-publisher roles & functions; local & pan-territorial licensing
  • International support & practical relationship management
  • Print publishing
  • Direct membership of overseas collecting societies: practicalities & implications
  • Co-publishing & sub-publishing: definitions & agreements
  • Key terms & conditions: implications and negotiation positions in 2016
  • Process & procedure: from negotiation to termination
  • Royalty tracking & auditing: physical & digital licensing and revenue streams
  • Global revenue streams & cash flow: attributable & unattributable income, deductions, commission, taxation, distribution & accounting

Module 4: Monday 18th April 2016

Music Publishing in Audio-Visual Media: Rights Owners, Holders and Music Users

  • Overview of music licensing & use in on & off-line audio-visual media: film, television, games, advertising, branding & corporate productions
  • Production companies & broadcasters; game developers & publishers; brands & agencies; DSPs & MCNs; channels, programming & content – official / premium & UGC
  • Sync licensing & brand partnerships
  • Music supervision, licensing platforms & agents: roles & relationships; rights & remuneration
  • Options for producers & music supervisors: commissioned, commercial, library / production and public domain music; benefits & opportunities
  • Direct, collective, individual, blanket & “mini-blanket” licensing options & agreements
  • Assignment of rights & income participation in AV media: options, issues, practice & precedent
  • Process and procedure: commissions, production & commercial music sync licensing; roles, responsibilities & time scales; negotiation, decision-making & documentation
  • Key terms & conditions in media licensing agreements


Module 5: Monday 9th May 2016

Music Publishing, Recorded Music & The Record Business; Grand Rights & Live Performance

  • Creator / artist, record label / music publisher, recorded music & music publishing: individual, corporate & sector dynamics and relationships
  • Publisher-owned master recordings: development deals; licensing; establishing record labels
  • A&R, marketing & promotion, royalty accounting, business affairs, media licensing and international services: roles, challenges, interdependency and activities
  • Co-writes & collaborations; song plugging, samples & cover recordings
  • Structuring agreements: legal & financial implications for creators / performers & publishers
  • Audio file & product licensing: royalty rates, negotiation issues & global differentials
  • Licensing live classical & popular music; global royalty rates & differentials; issues & opportunities
  • Grand rights licensing; rights owner & producer relationships, practice & procedure
  • Professional responsibilities, roles & functions, key terms & conditions in agreements


Module 6: Monday 13th June 2016

Global Royalty Streams; Licensing Digital Services & Exploitation; Working with International Collecting Societies

  • Music publishing in context: music & media industry business models & eco-systems
  • Practical realities of direct & collective rights licensing in the digital environment: on-line “multi-territory, multi-right & multi-media” exploitation
  • Working with Collecting Societies in all key UK repertoire territories
  • Comparisons and differentials: roles & relationships; rights ownership & licensing; additional revenue streams, deductions & distribution policies
  • Update on pan-territorial business models: rights licensing & (writer/publisher share) royalty collection; improved data flow, increased revenues & cost reduction solutions
  • International relations: politics, technology, alliances & joint initiatives
  • Standards & formats; tools & services; “hubs” & databases: issues, challenges & opportunities
  • European, Asian & American policies & frameworks


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