COVID-19: Resources and useful information for MMF members

17 March 2020

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This page aims to provide helpful information for MMF members. We are currently working on collecting data and doing advocacy, and the information and resources on this page will be updated regularly. If you have any useful information that should be shared with members please send to

There are a lot of forms, questionnaires and surveys out there asking for information about how you have been impacted. This is to make sure there is evidence to back up advocacy.

We have set up a questionnaire to gather evidence of the impact of COVID-19 on music makers and their representatives in order to build a case for our music industry. If you haven’t already, please take the time to fill this questionnaire in as detailed as possible. You can find it here. 

We have previously posted information about some key aspects to be aware of here. 

COVID-19 Finance Support Tip Sheet

We have created a COVID-19 finance support tip sheet with more concrete advise for managers and their clients, particularly around the government support packages.  The document is open for comments, so if you have anything to add please add it as a suggestion and we will review.

Government Updates

You can read about government guidance on support for businesses here.

Please stay updated with the updates issued by the government online. They have also published guidance for employees, employers and businesses.

Live Shows Postponements/Cancellations

Agents have put together a spreadsheet with information around the latest cancellations/countries restrictions. You can download the lates update here. The spreadsheet will be updated regularly.

Useful Resources and Information

AIM has launched a support fund aimed at contractors and freelance workers in the independent music industry whose source of income has been severed without warning due to lost work in April and May as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. You can read more about the fund and about the criteria here.

The Musicians Union provide regularly updated advice and support for musicians on their website. They have a wide range of resources, including mental health support for musicians and advise on how COVID-19 can affect musicians.

They have also called on the government to extend sick pay from day one to freelancer workers.

UK Music are constantly working on ways to support the industry. They have published a letter directed to the Secretary of State which can be found here.

Help Musicians UK have published information about how they can help musicians here.

Arts Council England publishes regular updates here, it is worth keeping updated with what they are doing.

You can find information about self-employment and universal credit here and here.

British Business Bank: More information about the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme can be found here.

Scotland: New measures to limit the impact of COVID-19 on the business community in Scotland have been announced by Finance Secretary Kate Forbes and can be found here. 

Matt Hughes has published an article highlighting some ways we can help support musicians in the wake of coronavirus.

Other Useful Tips

As live shows are being cancelled and campaigns are being changed many artists and teams need to rethink their entire plan. It can be difficult to come up with innovative ideas of how to continue communicating with fans and drive the business forward. To help, Sammy Andrews/Deviate Digital has provided a list of ideas:

Live streaming show or streaming existing recordings of previous shows across channels 

  • Trivium intend to stream over 90 pre recorded shows on their Youtube channel as live streams for example.
  • L Devine is going on a little “virtual tour” streaming shows on a different social network / platform every day.
  • Code orange live streamed a gig on twitch and ended up trending on twitter globally as a result yesterday.
  • If you have footage you could use for this now might be a very good time to utilize, you can load in existing recordings to display as live streams so requires minimal effort.
  • Exclusive sessions and Q and A’s.
  • Interviews and live musical collaborations with other artists and celebs who are in quarantine.
  • Something called StayHome festival has popped up too – multiple artists playing a virtual festival
  • There first ever instagram virtual festival is about to happen utilising sticker functionality
  • Team up with other artists and host wider live streamed events

There are out of the box ideas to explore too if your artist isn’t up for live streaming gigs or conversation… 

  • Gaming streams – getting innovative with gaming streams while everyone is at home, for example a live mario kart tournament for example..with two teams headed by Luis Capaldi and Harry styles for instance..allowing fans a chance to win a place on the team…the commentary alone would be gold.
  • Wider content – artists presenting cooking episodes… stuff to make at home while you’re in quarantine
  • Having artists as surprise guests in recorded and live school and uni lessons globally (many territories now closing schools and recording lessons or live streaming them) could act a bit like a much cooler version of an old skool, school tour.
  • Musicians and band member ideas  for content- have your band record some lessons on how to play their biggest tracks and encourage fans to learn them while stuck at home, from their idols.
  • Ads – this sounds simple but with everyone increasingly stuck at home they are also increasingly stuck on their devices …and we’re heading into a massive recession… if you have stuff to sell consider selling it now.

DSP / streaming ideas 

  • Podcasts, if all your artists are sat at home now may be a very good time to explore podcasts / spoken word if you’ve not had time yet, both making them and guesting on them
  • Podcast heads at all services are actively looking for ideas and content right now as they are all aware they have a captive audience – they are also all stuck at home and more receptive to pitches than usual.
  • Have your artists make playlists (their own track at top) that people can listen to while house bound.


More Live Streaming Resources

Cherie Hu has shared some very insightful and useful tips around live streaming here.

 Facebook have shared information around keeping people safe and informed about COVID-19 as well as a resource for live music broadcast best practises: Facebook and Instagram.

Google and Youtube have some useful tips on live streaming here and have published COVID-19 updates here. 

Amazon Music has sent out handy info about streaming on Twitch. Read more here.

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