“Meet Our Associates” #1 – Hannah Logan, Tysers

28 October 2020

This week we speak to Hannah Logan, Client Executive, Music & Live Events at Tysers.

The Tysers Music & Events team is made up of industry experts who cover all areas of the sector and provide specialist insurance covering a variety of events across the entertainment world; clients include independents, boutiques as well as many of the biggest promoters, artists, recording labels, festivals and live music events.

Firstly please tell us a little bit about who you are, what you do at Tysers and how you work with music managers. 

Yes, we have changed names again I think for the 4th time but it’s still the same people working behind the scenes. I work with managers in conjunction with Tour Managers and Accountants depending on what type of insurance is needed and help to advise on what is the most suitable policy and crucially, at the moment, when is the best time to buy. Usually the most involvement I have with managers is when placing Non Appearance insurance cover ahead of a Tour as a lot of this is based around the budget and logistics of the tour. I will also work with managers when it comes to the day to day insurances such a travel and liability for their artists also.

What new music releases are you enjoying currently?

Celeste – Hear My voice (Still love Stop This Flame), Maisie Peters – Maybe Don’t Winona Oak – Control (not sure if its new but it is to me), Leon – Who You Lovin’.

How has business been for you since the COVID-19 pandemic hit?  Any significant challenges?  How are you are adapting your services? 

As we specialise in placing insurance within the Live events industry the pandemic has been a particularly challenging time for our business also. The most positive thing for us this year is that our non- Appearance policies had cover for communicable disease on the policies.  I know this is not available now, but it has been at least positive to be able to work with our clients in settling their claims in what has been an extremely tough year. The major challenge we now face is that it isn’t possible to insure against Covid 19 as an insurable loss. We have adapted our services during the pandemic by making sure clients are still insured but we are negotiating premiums with insurers to make sure they represent current business activities.  It is so important for us to understand the evolving needs of the client and Tysers have been working with the MMF, CPA and many of the other associations in Live music to proactively put forward a proposal so that we as an industry can at least plan for the future.

The role of the manager has evolved massively in recent years, as highlighted in the MMF’s 2019 report, with managers taking on an increasing amount of responsibilities.  Has this influenced the way you work with managers at Tysers? 

I am increasingly seeing managers being involved with placing insurances for their artists whereas the actual placing of this business has quite often come through other channels such as accountants. Whilst this is still common, its incredibly helpful when Managers are involved as they know every detail about the artist/ tour routing/ crew etc and this is extremely helpful when placing insurances to make sure they respond how you would like and need them too.  Whether it be management or accountants, it is great to work with all of the layers throughout the industry vertical.

Are there any managers you particularly enjoy working with – or consider to be doing brilliant work in their field? 

I don’t think there is a manager that I have not enjoyed working with.  This year has been tough for everyone and it is great to be able to pick up the phone to managers and for them to be able to pick up the phone to me when it is a good or bad day.

Do you think there are any positive opportunities or changes in the music industry you believe we will see happen “once we’re though the other side of all this” (Covid)?

Absolutely.  Internally, if we do not have hope for a brighter future there is no chance that there will be one.  We will endure some pain for the moment but there is no doubt about the resilience of the people within this industry.  It is not an industry that is going to re-train.  Music forms such a large part of people’s lives and whilst the landscape might shift a bit, it will come back with a vigour and enthusiasm that we have not seen in years; we’ll all get that old fashioned feeling.  It will be like the first drink after three days in the desert, the first kiss of someone you have been campaigning for two months or a hot bath when you have come in from a long dog walk in the rain.  When live music gets up and running again, it is going to feel amazing.

Is there anything you would like to say to managers who are considering working with you at Tysers or finding out more about what you do?

Just call me if you want to talk about insurance or anything else…  I’m mainly working from home so it can get a bit boring so the more people I can talk to, the better!
Thank you Hannah and Tysers for supporting the MMF and our membership through our Associates programme.
For more information please visit the Tysers website or contact Hannah Logan on Hannah.logan@tysers.com t: 0203 915 0466

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