Manager Spotlight: Georgia Strawson

09 April 2021

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Manager Spotlight offers a small insight into the heads of incredible managers. This week in the spotlight is Georgia Strawson.

How long have you worked in Management?
I’ve worked in management for 6 years now.

Who do you manage now?
I look after IDER, and over the last year I’ve been helping out on a newer project with an artist/producer, who’s yet to be introduced šŸ™‚

Where did you find your first client and what inspired you to take them on?
I found the IDER ladies before IDER even existed. They were both studying pop music at university. InĀ 2013, they were performing in St Pancras with theirĀ uni band as part of a small series called Station Sessions. It just so happened I was passing through whilst they were on stage. I subsequently made contact with them, without any real agenda or idea – I just knew theirĀ talent was rare and beautiful. Long story short, we stayed in touch, they graduated and eventually in 2015 the IDER project began, as did my adventure into artist management.

Whatā€™s a good/bad day at work look like for you?
A good day is being able to actually cross several things off my to-do list. I work on my own and sometimes it’s hard to break up the day effectively,Ā because I’m answering to myself; the fact is, if I don’t do something, then it doesn’t getĀ done. It’s a lot, but at the same time, I’m grateful as it means I just have to pull my socks up and deal with it… which is a great way to learn. On the flip side, a bad day can also stem from the fact I work alone – it is truly, unequivocally tough. Sometimes you just need to scream, y’know?

What has been the highlight of your management career to date?
This industry is so hectic. It’s non-stop highs and lows. It might not be a traditional highlight, but pulling through the difficulties and emerging stronger and wiser – you can’t match that.

What do you think are the big challenges for a manager in 2021?
Covid-19 and Brexit aside, (and speaking as an independent manager here), I need the digital world to relax. The metaverse, AR, AI, NFTs, gaming, social media, the list goes on. It’s so much. MoreĀ often than not, it proves such aĀ headf*ck that by theĀ time you think you’ve understood something, it’s already over and something new has emerged. I love innovation, but the speed at which things are moving is actually terrifying. At this rate they’ll be announcing shows on Mars for 2023.

..Plus, without a substantial budget, a lot of these avenues make for a pretty exclusive club.

What music are you currently listening to?
I love serpentwithfeet and his new record is unreal,Ā he’s such a special artist. A few others would be Mustafa, shygirl, and Hope Tala.

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