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Round 3 Applications are now closed for ReBuild,

 the MMF fund for UK-based managers impacted by the Covid-19 crisis.

Applications Closed 7th December 2020

A significant proportion of the MMF’s 900-strong membership have not qualified for existing Covid-19 support packages and are unable to self-furlough due to their responsibilities to their clients. As detailed in the MMF’s 2019 report, Managing Expectations, music managers invest extensively in the long-term career development of their artist, songwriter and producer clients, predominantly on commission-based terms. For more than 80% of music managers surveyed for the report, live music represented their most reliable and important revenue stream.

The ReBuild fund is administered by Help Musicians UK and has been made possible by a generous donation from PPL, with additional contributions from a range of individuals and businesses including The Brit Awards, Spotify, Joyce Smyth (Glastry), Merck Mercuriadis (Hipgnosis Songs Fund), Adam Tudhope (Everybody’s), Paul Loasby (One Fifteen Management), Steven Tavner (East City Management) and Stuart Camp (Grumpy Old Management). 

The MMF and its Chief Executive, Annabella Coldrick, have also committed to the fund and are actively inviting further support across the music and technology sectors. Please contact if you are able to donate.

In the third round, the ReBuild fund will offer grants of up to £3,000 and workshops focused on resilience, sustainability and the future. This round is open to new applicants as well as those who have received Rebuild support in a previous round if they meet this basic criteria.

Successful managers will have to meet the following eligibility criteria:

Eligibility Criteria
  • In the third round, the ReBuild fund will offer grants of up to £3,000. This round is open to new applicants as well as those who have received Rebuild support in a previous round if they meet this basic criterion
  • You are either a director of a limited company or a sole trader 
  • You MUST be a current member of the MMF predating 23rd November 2020.
  • You MUST be able to provide evidence of limited to no Government support such as Self-employment Income Support Scheme.
  • You MUST be able to evidence loss of management income from confirmed and budgeted work from March 2020 onward. For example confirmed live shows, production work or other plausible expected incomes which have been impacted or rescheduled.
  • You MUST demonstrate a need for emergency sustainability funding.
  • You MUST demonstrate a track record in the management of quality artists/music makers who previous to COVID-19 had an appropriate sustainable businesses model.
  • You MUST have a UK bank account but can manage music makers from across the world.

Guidance on the application form

Please consider how you currently meet these objectives of the programme before starting your application.

Please keep your answers succinct and factual. 

It is suggested each answer will be around 100 – 300 words but there is no word limit. 

Please consider these objectives when making your application and how you meet the scoring criteria.

Objective 1 – Offer one-off emergency funding of £3000 to support music managers in immediate need who previously had sustainable businesses that have been unexpectedly disrupted by COVID-19 and incurred losses

Objective 2 – Offer managers focused peer-to-peer workshops exploring new business ideas, models and skills.  

Read FAQs

Decision Making and Scoring

Decisions will be made from a small panel made up of elected MMF Board Members, Senior Staff and a representative from PPL. Applications will be scored against the published criteria (below). After scoring the panel will sense check the decisions to consider if they have made decisions which reflect MMF commitment to diversity. 

  1. Does the applicant demonstrate a strong track record in managing artists and music makers? SCORE 1-5
  2. Does the applicant demonstrate a significant negative impact from COVID-19 on confirmed and expected work? SCORE 1-5
  3. Does the applicant give a clear indication of their current and immediate work plan? SCORE 1-5
  4. Has the applicant clearly made the case as to why little to no Government support is being received? SCORE 1-5
  5. Has the applicant evidenced a previous and future sustainable professional model? SCORE 1-5

Our definition of diversity includes geography, economic need, and genre alongside the definitions described in the Equality Act 2010 (age, race, ethnicity, gender, disability, and sexual orientation).

 Accessibility Support

If you are disabled or Deaf and require any access support please contact