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Welcome to all, MMF Unite is seeking to create an educational and motivating environment for music managers and the wider music industry to have open conversations about racism and other kinds of discrimination. We explore how we can collectively address these injustices and influence change, aided by input from important guest speakers we all need to hear from. We are pleased to work with Nadu Placca of The Zoo ZYZ to shape MMF Unite.

Upcoming MMF Unite Sessions

For upcoming sessions, make sure to keep an eye on our social media channels and Newsletters, or you can reach out to You can also sign up to the  MMF Unite Newsletter for all things MMF Unite! To sign up for the mailing list here:

Previous MMF Unite Events Include:

12 October 2021: Equality vs. Equity

We explored the different intersections, including race, LGBTQI+ & disability within the industry & bringing to the forefront how the Community is continuously challenged but can be best supported moving forward. Watch the recording here.

15 September 2021: MMF Unite Annual Meet

Our first in-person Unite meetupThe format of this discussion was on Publishing & Royalties, where we opened with a panel with the team at G293. We discussed the dynamics of the team and their growth, whilst understanding the importance of songwriting royalties and how they encourage the artists they work with.

13 July 2021: Black Music vs. Radio Funnel

We took this opportunity to not only delve into the history of radio and how it has helped to pioneer many careers but to also acknowledge how Black music is championed, exposed and sustained throughout. Watch the recording here.

8 June 2021: Read The Small Print

In partnership with The Zoo XYZ, the next instalment in the MMF Unite Series is ‘Read the Small Print.’ Here we uncovered the finer details and hear from those that play a key role in signing an Artist. Our industry experts explored the importance of knowing your rights, how to set your own expectations and when to ask for more. Watch the recording here.

18 May 2021: The Resurgence of UK R&B

Here we will delved into the genre’s current status within the UK music scene. Originating within African-American communities during the 40s, R&B has influenced the UK music scene and popular culture. Our knowledgeable panellists discussed the evolution of UK R&B, consumption of the genre and colourism within the industry and subsequently R&B. We were joined byDJ Ace, Carlyn Calder and Joel Borquaye. Watch the recording here. 

12 April 2021: Black Music & Joint Ventures

Here we dove into the business side of the music industry and discuss glass ceilings and shattering them. We were joined by Avelino, Eve Fairly-Chickwe and Lunick. Watch the recording here.

9 March 2021: Black Women Mean Business

‘Black Women Mean Business’ explored the experiences of Black Women within the music industry through the lens of an all-Black and Woman panel. Our panellists discussed misogynoir (where racism and sexism mutate) and how they navigate the music industry.

Hosted and moderated by Whitney Asomani, we were joined by, Shikayla Nadine, Nike Durosaro and Shauni Caballero. Listen to the recording here.

16 December 2020: Closing – This is the Beginning

Our last instalment for 2020 in the MMF Unite talk series focused on the practical steps MMF and our supporters can take to incite change within the music industry. We tackled the gatekeepers of the music industry and address from a top-level down, what processes can be put in place to encourage diversity and inclusion.

18 November 2020: Icon vs Newcon

We. heard the stories of Music Managers from different generations comparing and contrasting their experiences. This showcased the growth within the industry, in addition to going through the persistent challenges that plague the industry regarding diversity and inclusion. Panelists included: Dumi Oburota, Whitney Asomani, Trenton Harrison-Lewis, Michael Adex.

28 October 2020: Less Talk, More Action: An Opportunity To Touch Base

In this session we delved deeper into some recurring themes that prove problematic and serve as a barrier to Black managers within the music industry. In order to move forward and action change, we must analyse and provide solutions to issues within an inherently racially biased industry. 

7 October 2020: Managing Black Talent

In this instalment, we took a deep dive into the experience of managing Black talent through an inherently racially biased industry. We were joined by Zeon Richards (Manager and founder of Renowned Group), Chanelle Newman (Lawyer and founder of The Hip-Hop Shakespeare Company), Lisa Crossman (Business coach and psychotherapist) and Steven Braines (Manager, MF of The Weird & The Wonderful and co-founder of He.She.They).

9 September 2020: Backstage & Beyond

This session took a look at how black people and people of colour are represented within the structures and organisations that support their talent. We discussed the opportunities behind the scenes – How do we support peer recommendations and more people being able to educate, support and bring their peers into the fold/business.

29 July 2020: Racial Justice in the UK

For our first event we were joined by Black Historian Tony Warner, Director of Black History Walks. Since 2007 Black History Walks have provided monthly talks, films and educational walking, bus and river tours on London’s 2000 years of African history. Conde Nast Traveller magazine listed BHW in the top 15 walks in London and they have been featured on BBC, Channel 4 and CNN

Tony Warner delivered a talk on racial justice in UK society, followed by a group discussion lead by MMF Vice Chair Kwame Kwaten, exploring some of the matters raised by Warner and how it connects with the current Black Lives Matter Movement, #TheShowMustBePaused, #BlackoutTuesday and the wider history of racism in the music industry.

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