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The Music Managers Forum, Music Publishers Association & MMF Training are pleased to announce that their joint Artist / Music Management Professional Development Programme will run again in 2017.

This Programme has been developed and refined over time to ensure that all attendees become better equipped to take advantage of the new business opportunities that are central to the development of our industry.  Individuals from all sectors of the music industry who are involved or interested in any aspect of artist management will benefit from the Programme’s varied and comprehensive content.  The objective is straightforward: to provide practical information placed in the context of today’s music industry.

Delivery of the Programme is designed to suit the busy lifestyles of those taking part. The Programme consists of five short, intensive modules. Each module consists of one 3-hour session, each now commencing at 5.30pm and ending at 8.30pm.  Reference materials will be supplied for each module.


London Based Venue TBC

Module 1:Monday 18th September 2017
Artist/Producer/Management Business Models & Agreements; Taking Care of Business; Money Management & Sources of Finance
  • The real 360 Degrees: music & media industry value chains & income streams
  • Artist & audience development; stories & narratives; strategies & plans
  • Management skills, competencies, roles & functions
  • Making a living! Business models, legal relationships & conflict of interest
  • Management agreements; key terms & conditions; mediation
  • Funding & financial support: capital requirements & available options
  • The process: from 1st contact / application to exit strategy / evaluation
  • Insurance & legal requirements
  • Intellectual Property, roles & rewards: ownership & income participation
  • Client rights management; insurance; control & reporting


Module 2: Monday 9th October 2017
Fan Base Development & Management/ Music Media, Marketing & Promotion
  • Artist / fan relationships & business models
  • Fan behaviour & requirements
  • Community engagement & database marketing
  • Social media, content, channel & playlist strategies
  • Digital assets & physical editions
  • Analytics & data mining
  • Music media promotion & retail
  • Tools, widgets, plug-ins & digital service providers
  • Project & campaign planning
  • Predictable pitfalls & opportunities


Module 3: Monday 30th October 2017
Artist Licensing, Merchandising, Endorsements & Brand Partnerships
  • Brand requirements, aims & objectives
  • The artist / music opportunity
  • Brand relationship management
  • Artist management considerations & issues
  • Process & activities
  • Artist licensing, merchandising & endorsements
  • Key terms & conditions in brand and merchandising agreements


Module 4: Monday 20th November 2017
Live Music & International Touring
  • Management duties & obligations
  • Building the Live Team (local to international): key issues & expectations
  • Booking agencies; festival producers & concert promoters: roles & relationships
  • Media rights & brands: new & existing opportunities & revenue streams
  • Budgeting, negotiation & cash flow: key issues, terminology & where the money goes
  • Tour & production management: documentation, logistics & predictable problems
  • Ticketing strategies; social media & database marketing
  • Deals & agreements: key terms & conditions, implications & negotiation issues in relevant contracts


Module 5: Monday 11th December
Recorded Music: Update & Agreements
  • The Recorded Music sector: music content & brand development in 2017
  • Record company & label roles, activities, rights & income streams
  • Guidelines & options for key terms & conditions in all contracts
  • Negotiating artist agreements
  • Producer & production company agreements
  • Neighbouring rights management: global options for producers & performers
  • Licensing, marketing & distribution
  • Project strategies & management: schedules, budgets, campaigns & co-ordination


PRICES (per module)

MPA, MMF members:                                                

£37.50 plus £7.50 VAT = £45.00 per module

AIM, APRS, BASCA, BPI, FAC, IAMA, ICAEW, ISM, MPG & MU members; PPL & PRS for Music staff:

£58.33 plus £11.67 VAT = £70.00 per module


£83.33 plus £16.67 VAT = £100.00 per module


Law Society members who attend this Programme may claim 3 hours accredited CPD time per module. The master class is also accredited by ILEX and fellows who attend may claim the time spent on the master class against their CPD requirement as stipulated in the ILEX fellowship agreement. Members of the ICAEW, AIA, ACCA and AAT may claim the hours spent on this master class against their CPD requirements as stipulated in their membership details.