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We are delighted to welcome the Academy of Contemporary Music as an Educational Associate to The Music Managers Forum this year.

“For the long-term health of the music business it is vital that ever-closer links can be forged between academia and industry. Our new Educational Associate Programme will offer ACM students an opportunity to learn from some of the UK’s most successful and innovative music managers, while networking the MMF to the next generation of music entrepreneurs.” – Annabella Coldrick CEO, The MMF

How ACM works for managers

ACM is delighted to enter into this Educational Associate Programme with MMF. Within the business degree that is delivered at ACM across its London, Guildford and Birmingham campuses, ACM places students, as potential artist managers, at the coal face of management. Via their studies, ACM’s Discovery & Development programme and other co-curricular activities including this Educational Associate Programme, students now have the opportunity to join MMF, providing personal mentorship and masterclasses, amongst many other benefits, and ensuring that these students will be business ready upon graduation.

Having always admired the inspiring work that the MMF has done for managers, artists and the industry as a whole over the past few years, ACM is extremely proud to have a closer relationship with MMF, moving forward.

About ACM

As a world leader in creative industries education, ACM has been training musicians, producers, songwriters, music managers and entrepreneurs in state-of-the-art facilities since 1995. With exclusive industry partnerships such as Metropolis Studios, students can expect an immersive education where they learn by doing through real-world opportunities. Based in Guildford, London and Birmingham, ACM is passionate about building sustainable, long-lasting careers for its talented student body.

If you are interested in becoming an Educational Associate of the MMF, please email