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Mechanics of Music Management: Making Money From Music Copyright In 2020

05 May 2020 ,

The Mechanics Of Music Management’ is a training programme from MMF delivered by CMU Insights and led by Chris Cooke and Marcus O’Dair. A series of five webinars exploring best practice and current trends in artist management, together these sessions provide a comprehensive guide to artist revenue streams and business models, music rights and record deals, fanbase building and direct-to-fan relationships, and explain where the manager fits in with each of these strands of the business.

Making Money From Music Copyright In 2020

How to make sure your artists aren’t missing out on royalties

Whenever artists write songs or record tracks they create copyrights. And those copyrights can generate revenue. We provide a user-friendly guide to copyright: what it is, how it works, how it makes money and how managers can ensure their clients properly manage, monetise and enforce their rights. We’ll also explain what PRS, PPL and MCPS do – and why getting copyright data right can be the difference between being paid and seeing nothing from your plays, syncs and streams.

Questions answered include:

– What kind of creativity does copyright protect?

– What kind of control does copyright provide?

– Who owns your artist’s copyrights?

– How does copyright make money?

– What is stopping your artist’s getting paid?

– Where do PRS, MCPS and PPL fit in?

Full price for each individual webinar is £66+VAT. Members get 50% discount and sister organisations gets 25% discount. Please e-mail for info and discount codes. Links will be sent out on the day of the training.


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