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Mechanics of Music Management (all 5 webinars)

07 Apr 2020 , 18.00

Mechanics of Music Management

A series of webinars exploring best practice and current trends in artist management, together these sessions provide a comprehensive guide to artist revenue streams and business models, music rights and record deals, fanbase building and direct-to-fan relationships, and explain where the manager fits in with each of these strands of the business.

7 April: The interactive role of the music manager

21 April: Building a sustainable business for your artist: Is the 20% commission model still relevant?

5 May: Protecting the artist’s assets – Music Rights

19 May: Where do record labels fit in to your artist’s business?

2 June: Building, growing and managing a fanbase: Marketing and PR.

Individual Webinars are £66 + VAT, members get 50% discount and trade bodies get 25% discount. For discount codes please e-mail