We aim to support the professional development of all music managers from those just starting out managing their first band to refreshing the knowledge and skills of those who have been in the business for many years.  The industry never stops changing and music managers never stop learning.

Essentials of Music Management

Our Essentials of Music Management course is a one-day course covering everything the MMF thinks you need to know as a manager. Taught by artist manager and management business consultant Erik Neilsen this course is a great opportunity for those just starting out to those who want a refresher and to hear all the latest developments in the music industry.

Professional Development

We offer Professional Development courses in both music publishing and artist management. These courses dive into the nitty gritty of their subjects, giving you a comprehensive view. The sessions are presented by Stuart Worthington, and feature panels of industry experts to talk you through it.
Our Music Publishing course is run with the MPA, and is split across five modules covering topics such as sub publishing, grand rights, and producer agreements. Our Artist Management course is run in the latter half of the year, covering touring, fan base development and merchandising.

Live & Touring

Our Live & Touring Day is a one-day course, taught by Erik Nielsen and a guest tour manager, which will give you an in-depth view on touring today and how to make the most of it. From tour budgets and merch, to why the tour manager should always be the last person through passport control, this course will help you maximise the bands income from a tour and make you a better and more efficient tour manager.


We also offer regular in-depth seminars with companies such as YouTube, Spotify, Facebook and Kobalt, where representatives will teach you how best to utilise their services and get the most out of them for your artist.


We’ve run events throughout the year focusing on subjects such as finance and funding, website and product demonstrations and talks from industry professionals.

We run monthly manager meet ups in London, as well as other one off social events. We also have a Women in Music network that meets frequently throughout the year.

Tribes are run by our members in their local areas and allow you to grow your music network in your community. We currently have Tribes running in Birmingham and Manchester. Both Tribes run social events every few months with a performance from a local unsigned artist, and have recently started curating panels and running Q&A’s with top industry experts. If you would like to see a Tribe set up in your area please email