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I’m an artist looking for a manager, can the MMF help me?

What does a manager do? (ACNE) A – Admin C – Communication N – Negotiation – E Enablement

Do I need a manager?

How do I find a good manager? / What do I need before I find a manager? (The following was taken from the internet – it could perhaps be reworded..)

i. No apology recordings of your music
ii. Professional looking photos of you or your group
iii. A basic – findable website (custom URL) you can update yourself
iv. A Mailing list and a place where people can sign up on said list
v. A social network presence (twitter, facebook, myspace, youtube)
vi. Live performance footage (preferably in front of a crowd)
vii. A well written bio highlighting your accomplishments


What are the basic things I should be doing myself if I don’t have a manager? (Registering with the PRS, seeking help, etc).

How does a manager get paid?

What does a typical management contract look like? (key points). (%, commission, live, sunset clause etc).

Should a manager be paying me a salary?

How do I become a manager?

What skills are required in order to become a good manager? (Increasingly complicated – Need to know about the things you don’t know about – song splits, conflict resolution, Visas/withholding tax etc.)

I am a manager. Where can I get support and advice and meet fellow managers?