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Below you will find some information on the tools various Digital Service Providers (DSP’s) have to offer. It includes everything from pitching tools, how their processes work and updated information on how to get your clients music spread far and wide.

If you have any questions about any of the information below don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we will try to provide you with as much information as possible.

Other useful resources/articles 

This report aims to help improve understanding, inform label marketers/owners on the current state of the music influencer landscape, and suggests a more strategic template for working with the community of curators, influencers and creators out there that are building significant audiences.


The MMF has recently been in discussions with Spotify regarding the pitching process. Previously, the pitching process relied on more direct contact with the editorial teams but this structure was replaced with a pitching tool that artists can access through Spotify For Artists. There are however some aspects to take into consideration as Spotify’s internal structure has changed, please see below for important points.

Some notes about pitching music that has already been released.

The release campaign does not finish once the product is out. However, you are only able to pitch new products to Spotify editorial playlists. This means that if you have released an album, you cannot re-pitch a track on that album after it has been released. However, if there is other activity around an album track in the release marketing strategy Spotify should be alerted, and this can be done by e-mailing artist_updates_uk@spotify.com (tips: keep the updates short and concise). Another perspective to consider is making new edits that can be pitched as new releases. It is also worth noting that Release Radar is bigger and more impactful than some of the bigger Spotify editorial playlists, such as New Music Friday.

The MMF will be engaging in training and discussions that focuses around this, and if you have any questions about how the re-pitching process works please reach out to the MMF team

Spotify for Artists

Spotify for Artists is your most useful tool when getting your music heard on Spotify. The platforms offers useful tools, guides and tips on how to best use Spotify for your artist. Get signed up here: artists.spotify.com & Mobile app and read the Best Practice Guide where you can learn about your fans, track performance of your music, customise your artist page, utilise artist tools and get verified.

Artist Podcasts

Another way to add context around music is through podcasts. There’s a huge opportunity for creative expression, story telling, and connecting with audiences. You can find more info here.

Spotify Ad Studio

You can create audio ad campaigns from scratch, so you can reach your audience in unique, screenless moments on Spotify, find more info here.

Video Series

• The Game Plan – Take your career up a notch with the help of music legends and Spotify insiders.
• Best Advice – The biggest artists in the business with some words of wisdom.

Artist Support Team 

For all technical queries, please reach out to the Spotify dedicated Artist Support Team and a member of the team will respond ASAP.

Access Spotify’s Secret Genius Studio

Spotify also have a studio in London open to artists to use. The Secret Genius’ London studio is based out of the world famous Metropolis Studios in West London.

The studio is open Monday to Friday from 11:30am to 8:00pm and all sessions come with a qualified recording engineer who can assist with everything from initial set up to engineering the entire session.

Details on how to apply for your artists to use the studio can be found here.


Apple Music logo

Apple recently updated their pitching process to make it more efficient and easy to use. They have switched to an online tool, which has replaced all previous ways of pitching including Excel sheets. This tool is much easier to use, more reliable and makes it simple to update and repitch as your plot develops.

Alongside the new Pitch Tool, Apple are also launching the new Apple Music UK & Ireland Playbook. The new Playbook can be downloaded here: https://apple.ent.box.com/v/ukmusicplaybookv4

The Playbook is your guide on how to work more deeply with the Apple Music Editorial team, and contains a range of specific pitchable opportunities across songs, albums, artists, catalogue and Beats 1. You can pitch for these using the new Pitch Tool.

To access the new pitching tool please go to: 

Password: Ukpitch19

A guide on how to use the new Pitch Tool – including deadline information and FAQs – can be downloaded here: https://apple.box.com/v/ukmusichowtopitch

Apple Music Affiliates

To get signed up with the new Apple Music Affiliates scheme, head to https://www.apple.com/itunes/affiliates/ and register for an account. Once you’re in the system, you can then use the Apple Music Toolbox and add in your affiliate token to any links you share on socials, or widgets you use on your website: https://tools.applemusic.com

UK Playlist Ecosystem

To view the top playlists go here: https://apple.box.com/v/amukplaylists. You can also see the top performing playlists at any given moment by going to the Top Charts section in the Apple Music app, and scrolling down to the Playlists Chart.

Apple Music for Artists

To read more about our new artist analytics and signup, go here: https://artists.apple.com.


Deezer logo

The management partner pitch form can be found here.

Deezer are due to be roll out their Backstage analytics tool in 2020.

More information on Deezer relevant to artists/managers can be found here.

Soundcloud logo

You can use this form to make sure your releases are being considered for editorial support on Soundcloud.

The SoundCloud Creator Guide is a comprehensive resource that will help you get the most out of your SoundCloud experience, with instructions and tips on everything from setting up your account, to finding your audience, to making money from your work.


Here is the email address mentioned for editorial pitching: amazonmusic-curation-uk@amazon.com



YouTube provides steps to get certified at YouTube Music. Please click here to go through the process.