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Connecting managers across the country is hugely important to the Music Managers Forum. We are currently trialling new ways for managers to network locally to help to build new communities, encourage peer-to-peer support and to ensure the MMF are aware of the key issues that matter to managers in your local area.

In 2019 we launched a series of webinar training courses for managers who are unable to attend in-person seminars in London. We also want to ensure we are partnering with events across the country as frequently as possible so we can share MMF research, connections and industry knowledge with your local communities.

Visit the training and events pages on the MMF website to find out more about what training and events are currently offered by the Music Managers Forum.

There is currently an artist manager Facebook group which MMF members are invited to join.

We also want to build on the work of the MMF Tribes network in the following ways:

1) We are asking managers to fill out the form below detailing where they are based and what method of group communication they would prefer – this will allow us to set up local networks.

2) Once the networks have been established, we want to encourage managers to meet locally, this could be in a local pub or at local industry events. We can also help to suggest venues to do this.

3) We are then able to set up monthly calls with a representative of your local group and a member of the MMF team. This will give us the opportunity to share industry updates, find out what events would be valuable in your area and to gather feedback on what issues we should be aware of when planning the MMF yearly strategy.

4) In addition to webinar training, if there is sufficient demand for local training courses in your local area, we can then look at options for bringing our training courses to a venue near you.