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Quickstart & FAQ

I can’t find a resource/how do I suggest a resource?

Our membership team is happy to point you in the right direction, if we haven’t got what you’re looking for we can certainly offer advice. We’re always building our resources and information pages, if you have a suggestion or can’t find something –  just email us.

How do I get in contact with fellow members?

If you’ve met somebody through an MMF event you are able to track them down by name/email through our directory tool – incredibly useful when your last few business cards have been through the wash.

I’m new to the MMF. Where do I start?

Welcome, it’s good to have you on board. 

If you’ve joined for advice, you can book-a-call, or drop us an email. If you’re looking for a template, information on something or a contact you can navigate around our members-only resources to the right of the screen or through the main ‘Members’ navigation at the top of page.

As a member you’ll receive our weekly members circular which is packed with industry discounts, news, opportunities and you’ll get first access to our events – including the Artist & Manager Awards.

I’m in a management company, do we all need to join?

Currently, our membership sign-up is only open to individuals. However if you speak directly to us about your situation, we may be able to work something out to suit the size of your company. You can contact us about membership at

What is the MMF and who do you support?

We are a trade body that represents artists managers.

At the MMF, we provide our members with up to date industry information vital to the running of artist businesses as well as guidance and support for managers at all levels. We are actively unlocking investment opportunities, opening new markets and connecting managers with businesses all over the world. By advocating for a large, diverse community, we often deal with complex issues that do not affect managers on a day-to-day basis but are vital conversations to ensure the artists’ voice is heard in the government, the industry, media and boardroom.

Find out more about us and what we do here.