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How do I cancel my subscription?

Log in to the website, and click the 'My Account' tab. Under memberships you'll see the 'Cancel' link. Click through and your membership will be cancelled and you'll no longer be a member of the MMF.

My subscription is “Cancelled”. How can I re-join?

Click on the Sign Up tab at the top of the page, and follow the instructions to join.

My card has expired or changed, how can I change my details and remain a member?

Log into the website, and click on the 'My Account' tab at the top of the page. In the Memberships section, you'll see a link to "Update Billing Info", click through, add your new card details and you're all set to go!

How do I obtain a VAT/tax invoice for my subscription?

Log into your account, and click on the 'My Account' tab at the top of the page. You'll find all of your invoices available to download on that page.

How do I sign up?

Registration is easy, within a few minutes you'll be able to access your members area, the resources and take full advantage. You can register by clicking below.


I’m new to the MMF. Where do I start?

Welcome, it's good to have you on board.  If you've joined for advice, you can book-a-call, or drop us an email. If you're looking for a template, information on something or a contact you can navigate around our members-only resources to the right of the screen or through the main 'Members' navigation at the top of page. As a member you'll receive our weekly members circular which is packed with industry discounts, news, opportunities and you'll get first access to our events - including the Artist & Manager Awards.

How do I get in contact with fellow members?

If you've met somebody through an MMF event you are able to track them down by name/email through our directory tool - incredibly useful when your last few business cards have been through the wash.

I can’t find a resource/how do I suggest a resource?

Our membership team is happy to point you in the right direction, if we haven't got what you're looking for we can certainly offer advice. We're always building our resources and information pages, if you have a suggestion or can't find something -  just email us.

What is the MMF and who do you support?

We are a trade body that represents artists managers. At the MMF, we provide our members with up to date industry information vital to the running of artist businesses as well as guidance and support for managers at all levels. We are actively unlocking investment opportunities, opening new markets and connecting managers with businesses all over the world. By advocating for a large, diverse community, we often deal with complex issues that do not affect managers on a day-to-day basis but are vital conversations to ensure the artists’ voice is heard in the government, the industry, media and boardroom. Find out more about us and what we do here.

What’s the cost of membership?

Our membership is open to any UK-based manager. Membership costs £120 per year (inc.VAT) or £12 a month. If you're under 30, membership costs just £60 a year (inc.VAT) or £6 per month. You'll need to upload a valid form of identification to prove you're eligible for the discounted rate. Membership is also tax deductible.

Can you help me find a manager?

Unfortunately we aren’t a management company. We are a trade body that represents artists managers, however we hope the following texts helps you somewhat.

Firstly, no one starts off in this industry with a manager any more. The first part, and often the hardest part, you have to do yourself. That is to build yourself a following. First come the fans, then the industry, not the other way round. The industry will then step in with investment, both with time and money to grow the fanbase you have already started. But you have to prove yourself as a viable business first.

There are many ways to do this. Build a YouTube Channel and SoundCloud account, with your own songs or by doing covers, perform live as much as you can, if you can't fill a venue yet, do it online at first. This will give you good experience. Run a mailing list so that anyone who likes what you do can sign up to hear when you're next playing or if you've released something. Use social networks to promote all of these things and if you're as good as you say you are, the word will spread and you will start a buzz, once that's big enough, the industry will sit up and notice. 

These are just some examples of things you can do. There are many others and plenty of companies who serve independent artists with publishing, label services, fundraising, marketing, distribution, press etc when you start getting a bit bigger. Relationships are important so start meeting people NOW. Join the FAC if you want, it's free (along with a paid for pro-tier), exists for artists and does intro's to these companies, networking events and education.

It wouldn't hurt to contact management companies directly, but we would recommend building your online presence more - it will have a bigger impact.

Why should I join the MMF?

Because we are a fountain of knowledge. Because we run some fantastic (free) events with our partners from Youtube to Kobalt, Facebook to Spotify, lawyers, accountants, and many more. Because we have some tip top training courses and give discounts to these and numerous industry events, conferences and training. Because our resources are incredibly useful, including sample contracts, playbooks, guides, and of course, we publish the MMF Bible. Mostly, though, because we want a fair, transparent music industry that rewards artists and fans and we work hard to make changes. We need you to make a difference.

I’m in a management company, do we all need to join?

Currently, our membership sign-up is only open to individuals. However if you speak directly to us about your situation, we may be able to work something out to suit the size of your company. You can contact us about membership at members@themmf.net.

What do I need before I find a manager?

Firstly, don't apologise for recordings of your music, as long as the key elements are clear and memorable - most professionals understand how much it costs to fully record and master a track. You will need professional-looking photos of you or your group, including clear branding. One or two pictures are a great start. Choose images that capture your personality or personality of your band. Make sure your social media is consistent; logos need to be formatted to appear correctly across different platforms. Most platforms offer some customisation like custom headers, custom fonts or colours - you need to make sure these match. A basic – findable website you can update yourself. You can host a custom domain on sites like Tumblr, WordPress, Flavors.me cheaply or free. Make sure your website is listed on all your social accounts as this helps in search engine rankings. Google Webmaster, Google Analytics and Google Search Console are all free and extremely useful once you've figured out how to use them. A mailing list and a place where people can sign up is great for sharing your music and content. Make sure your social network presence (twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) is strong and fluent. if you have an EP, use widgets or plugins and make it available. Live performance footage, preferably in front of a crowd is a good way to showcase your material and abilities. You can consider doing an online gig to start with. Finally, ask writer friends to help you write a biography highlighting your accomplishments, style and who you are.

What benefits are there to joining?

A wide range of general and specific benefits are already available to all and Members are encouraged to play an active part in the organisation that aims to be their professional voice.

  • Priority access to MMF seminars and networking events
  • Discount on our MMF Induction Day and training courses
  • Discounts on a wide range of events industry conferences and events
  • Weekly members email newsletter including the latest MMF offers and events
  • Access to the members only area of the website which includes useful resources and links plus all the latest discounts and events.
  • Access to the skills and experiences of top managers
  • Access to MMF Associates which includes over 40 top music, technology, legal, insurance and accountancy companies
  • Priority access to the annual Artist & Manager Awards
  • Ability to participate through relevant Committees
  • International links to 18 affiliate manager bodies
  • Potential to qualify for a 3 month Record of the Day discounted subscription – please get in touch for more details
  • Potential to qualify for discounted or a complimentary legal consultation – limited offer, please get in touch for details.
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