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Virtual Manager Meetup: Outdustry – Indian Music Market Spotlight

25 Nov 2020 ,

In 2018, India became the 5th biggest economy in the world in terms of the current GDP. It’s the fastest-growing economy out of the top-10, projected 7% CAGR up until 2023. This almost unprecedented economic growth is powered by a population of 1,35 billion people, which keeps on rising. As the user bases on platforms increase and become more diverse, DSPs are discovering that there’s an audience for every kind of music in India, where the sheer numbers – be it in terms of overall population or smartphone users – have made the country one of the most attractive markets on the globe.

In this MMF Virtual Manager Meetup, Outdustry will run us through key things to know about this growing market and how its relevant to your work as a manager. Outdustry provides market-leading A&R, Rights, Marketing and Consultancy services in the China & India music markets, for some of the leading names in the global and local industries – with staff located in Beijing, London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Shanghai and Taipei.

You won’t want to miss this one!

When: Wednesday 25th November 2020 5PM

Where: Zoom!

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