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Feed is a brand new digital marketing platform that enables artists and their teams to find new audiences, keep them engaged and ultimately grow income from ticket, record and merch sales.

The platform is designed to work with small budgets starting at £3 per day (all-in) and requires very little ongoing input. This makes it ideal for managers looking to grow the fanbase of developing artists on social media and streaming platforms.

Feed runs ads on Facebook and Instagram and figures out which of the artist’s posts work best for different audiences, so your budget is spent on the content people are responding best to. It creates ads based on the artist’s everyday posting to create natural, organic-feeling ads in the artist’s own voice – which the team’s data have shown to perform better than bespoke, more ‘sales-y’ content.

Across more than 16,000 campaigns Feed has outperformed users’ own ads on a like for like basis.

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