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The top priorities of MMF at the moment include:

  • Streaming: Our report Dissecting the Digital Dollar documents how streaming services are licensed by the music industry, why they are licensed that way and to inform debate around the evolving streaming sector. We actively courage the industry to be transparent and ask for fair, industry wide equitable payments for artists.
  • Secondary Ticketing: The MMF support the FanFair Alliance, a new campaign uniting fans, music businesses and artist against online ticket touting.
  • Collective Digital Licensing: simplify the process of licensing to encourage innovation and growth.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements: limit the use of.
  • Global Rights Management: explore potential data solutions.
  • Investment into Music Industry: encourage more investment into artists and the businesses of music managers.
  • Educating the World on the Role of Manager: help people understand the increasingly important role of the current music manager and what it is they do.