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    Dear All,

    Sorry for the short notice but I have only just asked by Lola’s Bad management to extend an industry invite to their single launch party taking place at Power Lunches Arts Cafe tonight. The official press release is below. I appreciate it is short notice but anyone who can come along tonight will be very welcome. Please contact for any guestlist requests.

    Best regards

    Tim Britton
    A member of the Music Managers Forum (UK)
    07943 377505


    Lola’s Bad
    Drown With Me
    Digital Single
    5th November 2012


    Drown With Me is the debut release from Greek/English avant-garde multi media tribal doom pop duo Lola’s Bad. The duo consists of Greek performance artist, choreographer, director and singer Evangelia C and acclaimed multi instrumentalist and producer Bat Halliday. Lola’s Bad’s music is a fusion of ethereal vocals with progressive rock, electro and tribal techno and calls to
    mind the dark, atmospheric pop of Fever Ray, the abrasive industrial clamour of Nine Inch Nails and the ethereal, reverb drenched soundworlds of 80s legends Cocteau Twins.

    Lola’s Bad have performed in many exotic locations in the UK and in Greece. From caves to cinemas, abandoned theatres to sweaty east London burlesque clubs, Lola’s Bad have already made their presence felt on the international avant garde pop scene. Marrying Evangelia’s fierce physical performances and films with Bat’s heady live soundtracking Lola’s Bad have featured at many high
    profile performance art events – from the Mediterranean Biennale to VIVID’s “Deathtripping” where they performed alongside Lydia Lunch.

    Lola’s Bad’s first official video, the promo for Drown With Me, was directed by Evangelia and shot and produced by the duo and accompanies their debut self-released single due on 5th Nov 2012. Filmed in various locations across Greece the Drown With Me video is a satire on the continuing corruption of contemporary pop culture by the Devil of commerce. Underpinned by a sharp sense of humour and self parody, Drown With Me explores and dissects the widely abused clichés and generic aesthetics of pop video making in the 21st century and is a lush, sensory overload of high glamour styling, mind bending, psychedelic visuals and startling, provocative set pieces. Imagine a 90s Madonna video,
    directed by an ensemble consisting of David Lynch, Pedro Almodovar, Dario Argento and Alejandro Jodorowsky, styled by Jean-Paul Gautier, soundtracked by Fever Ray collaborating with Nine Inch Nails, and performed with a touch of Nijinsky madness. The creative depth of Drown With Me is startling – it can be
    viewed as conscious fusion of seemingly disparate cultural phases such as 80s Goth, Ancient Greek Theatre, 90s Grunge and modernist surrealism. There’s even a hint of 20th Century surrealist painter and creative genius Salvador Dali in the
    flowing, bizarre constructs and vivid, dreamlike montages.

    Lola’s Bad will be performing live @ Power Lunches, Dalston, London tonight – contact for any guestlist requests.

    Lola’s Bad is 100% DIY, produced by Bat and Evangelia and a small team of dedicated creatives based in Greece and London.

    Production credits + links:

    Lola’s Bad Video:

    Music & Lyrics: Lola’s Bad
    Directed & Choreographed by Evangelia C
    Assistant Directors: So’pheeah Kane, Bat Halliday
    Cinematography by Bat Halliday, Evangelia C, Nicholas Cornford, Nick Kouros
    Performers: Bat Halliday, Christina Vasileiou, Irini, Evangelia C
    Costume Design by Bat Halliday, Evangelia C, Inept Pernicious
    Make Up by Evangelia C
    Edited by Evangelia C
    Assistant Editor: Bat Halliday

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